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Best Comparative Essay Writing Topics

How to Handle Comparative Essay Writing Topics

Your professor has given you the liberty to choose an essay topic of your own choice and you go for a comparative essay, then you must know the important factors of a great comparative essay. Otherwise, you can’t get good marks as per your expectations. We can help selecting best comparative essay writing topics.

In a comparative essay, you have to explain how the two subjects or topics are different or similar to each other. Such essays are also known as compare and contrast essays and the writer has to show relevancy and differences of the topics in a professional manner. Comparative essay writing topics need special care and concentration to convince the reader. Let’s discuss some useful tips and helpful guidance for comparative essay writing topics.

Tips to Work on Comparative Essay Writing Topics

Many students don’t understand the strategy of a comparative essay. They collect a lot of information and start writing on the essay. It’s not the right way to handle a comparative essay as students keep stating the information and don’t provide the information the examiner has actually asked for.

Read the question statement two to three times so you get to know the actual points which are needed to contrast. For examples, if the examiner has asked you to make a comparison among Russian and American Economy in 2018 and you are writing the overall economy without specifying the year, you aren’t meeting the examiner’s requirements.

Similarly, if you the question is about the comparison between capitalization and communism then don’t go an extra mile and stick to the point.

  1. Develop the Content of the Essay

The step involves the identification of the points which have viable differences and similarities. Collect these points in the research and make a list of these points. It will help you to properly organize the points and make a structure of the essay.

There are two strategies you can opt for comparative essay writing topics, i.e. block pattern and point-to-point pattern.

Block Pattern: In the block pattern, the writer introduces the first subject and then gives comparison points. Afterward state second subject’s introduction and its comparison points. Conclusion comes at the end of the essay.

Point-to-Point: In this type of essay, side by side comparison is made. At first, both subjects are introduced and then the difference and similarities discuss in the first point, second point, and so on. The entire discussion is closed at the end.

  1. Sound Arguments Are Needed

Compare and contrast essays require string arguments as the purpose is to convince the reader. For this, you should choose authentic information that is approved by reliable sources.

  1. Avoid Silly Mistakes

To ensure the best quality of the work, never commit silly mistakes such as grammatical mistakes, punctuation mistakes, and logical mistakes. To avoid logical mistakes, you can make a comparison table and compare one point of the subject against the point of the other subject. Be careful while adding stating data and never use graphical approach if possible.

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