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Best Essay Topics for Marketing Students

Persuasive Essays, Descriptive Essays, Comparative Essays, Analytical Essays, Top Essay Writers UK provides Best Essay Topics for Marketing StudentsMarketing is a core subject of the business disciple. It has great importance for business students as good marketers become great businessmen. That’s why students should pay special attention to this subject and choose the best essay topics which broaden their minds and vision. The research they conduct in their academic life proves very fruitful in professional life. Moreover, the best essay topics let them inculcate great writing skills and they learn how to access a certain topic. Knowing the importance of the marketing subject, we have jotted down some important topics for the students.

  1. Persuasive Essays

In a persuasive essay, the writer uses his influence on the reader to convince him about a certain topic. The author uses authentic and reasonable logics and makes different arguments to convince the reader. A state is given and the writer tries to prove his opinion by giving arguments against or in the favor of the statement. The examples of best essay topics are as followins:

  • Branding is Key to a Successful Business.
  • Advertisement is incomplete without Creativity.
  • Annoying Messages Ruin Companies’ Reputation
  • Social Media is the Best Marketing Mode.
  • Email Marketing is Obsolete.
  1. Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays provide comprehensive detail of a certain topic. The writer has to write the products, features, benefits, or advantages in detail. You must know A to Z detail of the topic and state the information in an informative manner. No need to make any argument or comparison as the purpose of these essays are mere information sharing.

  • Types of Marketing & Examples.
  • Impact of Economy on Marketing.
  • Different Marketing Techniques and their Respective Pros and Cons.
  • Email Marketing Strategies Used by Renowned Companies.
  • What is SWOT Analysis?


  1. Comparative Essays

Compare & Contrast or comparative essays compare two different subjects and evaluate the differences or similarities. These essays are very effective to understand the difference or commonness between two subjects, techniques, and strategies. The best essay topics for comparative essays are given below:

  • Email Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing.
  • How Does Social Media Marketing is Better than Traditional Marketing?
  • SWOT Analysis Vs. PEST Analysis.
  • Digital Marketing Offer More Opportunities than Conventional Marketing
  • How PEST Analysis Provide Better Analysis than STEEP Analysis.
  1. Analytical Essays

Analytical essays provide complete analysis of a topic. In marketing, analysis essays are used to analyze different marketing techniques, strategies, and determine how a strategy is beneficial for a certain type of business. Marketing provides different marketing analysis such as SWOT, PEST, STEEP, etc. In the analysis, different aspects of a strategy are discussed to check the effectiveness of the analysis. See the examples below:

  • SWOT Analysis of Pepsi Company.
  • PEST Analysis of ADIDAS
  • How Does Starbucks become Leading Brand?
  • Exemplary Marketing Strategies of ABC Company.
  • Marketing Tactics of Coca Cola-Analytical Insight

Hopefully, you have understood the difference among four different types of essays. The essay you choose should be comprehensive and fulfill the supervisor’s needs. Don’t haste in research as it’s the key to a great essay.

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