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10 Best Value Online Schools


10 Best Value Online Schools…

Students in search of online schools can find 10 best value online schools as follows:

1.      Penn State University

Penn State University provides students with the opportunity to obtain education while staying at their homelands, ultimately saving their time and cost.

2.      University of Florida

88% of students enrolled in the University of Florida graduate from it successfully.

3.      UMass Online

UMass Online tends to provide education to students online, since it believes in providing them with the chance to save money as well as time.

4.      North-eastern University

North-eastern University tends to enrol approximately 21000 students every year in its online school. It was founded back in 1898. Currently, it has campuses in Washington and North Carolina.

5.      Arizona State University

University came into being in 1885, it has also established its online school where students from all over the world can acquire knowledge in undergraduate as well as graduate programs.

6.      University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota has the capacity to enrol almost 51000 students online, where it offers a wide range of undergraduate as well as graduate courses.

7.      Oregon State University

Oregon University has the capacity to enrol approximately 30,000 students. It came into being back in 1838 where undergraduate as well as graduate courses are offered.

8.      Washington University

Washington University was founded back in 1890, its online portal aims to provide students with the ability to acquire knowledge while staying anywhere around the world.

9.      Drexel University

University offers more than 250 courses online at reasonable charges. Interested students can enrol via its official online portal.

10.  University of Missouri

University of Missouri was founded back in 1839. It offers approximately 100 courses on its online portal, where it accommodates 30,000 students.


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