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Cause & Effect Essay (1)

Cause and Effect Essay | Structure and Sample Essay

Cause and Effect Essay | Structure and Sample Essay

Cause and effect essays, also known as reason and result essays, investigate an event or scenario. They look into how this occurrence or scenario came to be (the “cause”), as well as what is occurring as a result of it (the “effect”). In other words, the goal of these articles is to figure out “why” or “how” something happened.

The following is a typical format for a cause-and-effect essay:

Introduction: Describe the incident or circumstance you’ll be writing about in your essay. Add the thesis statement, which should concentrate on what you believe the primary cause or consequence is of the said event/situation.

Body paragraphs (Causes): Begin by stating what you believe is the primary reason of the occurrence and supporting your claim with facts. After that, discuss the secondary causes.

Body paragraphs (Effects): As with the causes, start with the most significant or significant impact of the scenario. Provide proof to support your claim once again. Other relevant consequences may then be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

Conclusion: restate your topic statement and conclude the most important arguments you’ve made to demonstrate how these relate to your primary argument.

Conversely, you can start with the consequences and then go on to the causes. It relies upon the point you’re aiming to convey or where you want to stress more. If you wish to concentrate a little more on causes, for instance, that part might be lengthier than that of the consequences section. Any strategy will do as long as your essay flows well.

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Two Types of Cause And Effect Essay Structures

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Cause and Effect Essay Sample 

Women are increasingly working, some of which are primary wage earners in the family. What are the reasons, and how is this impacting households and society?

Most women used to remain at home to take care of household tasks like cooking meals and cleaning the house.  Women’s empowerment and feminism have resulted in a transformation of this stance, with women becoming nearly equal to men in areas of employment in society today. Due to more gender equality, it has positively impacted the family and the society.

Women empowerment and feminism are the most important factors for more women working than before. Simone de Beauvoir, an author made great efforts to promote this movement which originated in the 1960s. This resulted in new law enactment, allowing women, equal rights to males in a variety of professions, Including at work. Due to this beliefs, males have undertaken duties historically reserved for women, particularly ones associated with child care. Women now have more freedom to advance in their chosen occupations and hobbies as an outcome of this.

These have had profound consequences overall. 

While a woman’s lifelong earning ability is often lower than a man’s, she may nonetheless provide a considerable amount to the family’s revenue. The most significant result is an increase in standard of living. By assisting with the family’s financial stability, the burden on the man is alleviated, thereby benefiting the emotional well-being of the couple. Moreover, the family’s buying power would also improve. To put it another way, the family will be able to spend more money on luxuries like overseas vacations or a new automobile.

The promoting of kid’s freedom has a positive impact on the family. Others can claim that both working parents is bad for the kids since they get less attention and affection. These kids must learn to take care of themselves at a young age, as their parents frequently depend on them to assist with chores. As a result, they learn vital life lessons.

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In today’s society, more women working means more equality between the sexes. A growing number of women are pursuing careers as lawmakers, attorneys, and even Entrepreneurs and corporate managers. This has resulted in increased equality for women in many aspects of life, not only in the workplace. Female victims of domestic violence and workplace sexual harassment now have considerably better legal protections than before.

To conclude, the growing number of women entering the workforce has impacted overall lifestyle, providing improved lifestyle and more freedom for children, as well as society as a whole. However, it is evident that men and women are still far apart in many aspects of life, and maybe the task for the 21st century is to guarantee that something like this occurs.

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