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How To Write A Comparative Essay

How to Write A Comparative Essay – A Complete Guide

What is a Comparative Essay?

A comparative essay demands that there should be a comparison of at least two or maybe more items. This list is subject to change based on the task at hand. For example:

  • “Viewpoints on a problem (e.g., “responses to midwifery in United States and United Kingdom”.) “
  • “theories (e.g., “capitalism and communism”
  • “figures (e.g., GDP in the United States and Britain) “
  • “texts (e.g., Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Macbeth)”
  • “events (e.g., the Great Depression and the global financial crisis of 2008–9)”
  • “novels (e.g., The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Red Badge of Courage).”


It’s presumed that even though the assignment says “compare,” you’ll look at the differences and similarities side by side; in other words, you’ll do a thorough comparison and contrast.


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Structure of a Comparative Essay

Structure has an important role in the quality of a comparative essay. It assists the reader in better comprehending your writing. 

A well-structured essay makes it easier for readers to follow comparisons within an essay. The two major approaches to structuring your comparative essay are as follows.


  1. The Point-by-Point Approach


Comparisons can be seen in greater depth using the point-by-point or alternating approach. Using this approach, you’ll group things according to how they have similarities and differences.

This approach simplifies the writing process for students who need to tackle two distinct but related essay topics at the same time. It is strongly suggested for situations requiring more depth and detail.


The point-by-point approach is described in detail below.



Body Paragraphs

1st paragraph: “1st point (Subject A and B)”

2nd paragraph: “2nd point (Subject A and B)”

3rd paragraph: “3rd point (Subject A and B)”



  1. Use the Block Method


Point-by-point construction is more difficult than using block method.  You divide the data into parameters while using this method. Thus, the 1st paragraph is meant to compare the first subject and all of its components, the 2nd paragraph is for the 2nd subject, and so on.

However, be certain that the subjects are written in the same sequence. This strategy works well for long articles with complex topics.


The block method’s structure is as follows.



Body Paragraphs

1st paragraph: “Item A (Point 1, 2, and 3)”

2nd paragraph: “Item B (Point 1, 2, and 3)”


As a result, keeping these approaches in mind, pick the one that best suits the topic you’ve decided to write on.


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What Is the Best Way to Begin a Comparative Essay?

We’ve compiled a list of stages to help you get started for a comparative essay:

  1. Pay attention to the instructions.

Before you begin, you must carefully consider the question or essay topic. You may have a brilliant concept in your head, but it may not be relevant to the prompt you’ve been given. Examine the prompt and make a list of the essential phrases. Your topic should also be checked to see if it has any restrictions.


  1. Choose a Topiccomparative Essay guide, how to write a comparative Essay, compare and contrast essay,

The selection of an appropriate topic is the first stage in writing a comparative essay.Make a choice based on what appeals to the reader and is intriguing to write about. An intriguing essay topic piques the reader’s curiosity in learning more about the subject. Also, when writing your comparative essay, try to stay away from difficult topics.


  1. List down differences and similarities

Make a note of the Differences and similarities between the two things/items you wish to compare and contrast in your essay. Furthermore, by establishing your initial plan, this list assists you in deciding the basis of your comparison. Consider the list and come up with a strong argument and thesis statement.


  1. Create a benchmark for comparison.

This is where you’ll be able to make a comparison between the two subjects. Check your assignment or prompt to see if it has been allocated to you.

Furthermore, the comparison essay’s primary objective is to inform the reader about something intriguing. It indicates that your topic must be distinctive in order for your argument to be compelling.


  1. Conduct research

You must obtain information for your subject in this step. You must conduct extensive research when the comparison essay is about “social issues”, “historical events”, or “science-related” topics.

Make sure, however, that you get facts from reliable sources and appropriately mention them in your essay.


  1. Formulate a Thesis Statement for a Comparative Essay

This determines if the similarities outnumber the differences on the whole or vice versa. Your thesis statement will be simple and straightforward.

As a result, create a thesis statement that encompasses the entirety of your essay. You can effortlessly cling to the essay’s key point with the help of a thesis statement.



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