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Top 10 Best Blogs for College Students

Some of us read blogs just to kill time, while others use them as valuable sources of information. Some blogs can be very informative and helpful indeed, giving you tips on various spheres of life. That’s why if you want to make the most out of your college years and student life, you should check out these 10 blogs. They all are written for students, offering various useful tips and advice on almost every important area of students’ life.


  1. Study Hacks.

Studying isn’t always easy. Many college students must deal with numerous deadlines, tons of home assignments, and paper writing. True, it can be hard, especially if your high school experience was more relaxing – but at the same time, it isn’t impossible, especially if you have the right resources to learn from. Study Hacks blog can help you with that. It teaches students how to become more focused and productive, how to boost their motivation, and how to prepare for the exams better.


  1. College Dieting.

Despite the fact that many students know that proper nutrition is important not only for their health but also for their brains, not all of them are able to lead a healthy lifestyle in college. This blog can become an inspiration for those who want to maintain a healthy diet but struggle with it. It doesn’t overload you with numerous fitness facts you probably already know, providing motivation instead as well as gentle reminders about why it is so important to start taking care of your health as early as possible.


  1. DormDelicious.

Not all the dorm rooms are cozy from the start – well, most of them aren’t cozy at all. However, you are able to change that with the help of your imagination and this website. Here you can find many tips on how to make your living space nicer and more attractive as well as get some inspiration too (for example, by looking at rooms and décor ideas shared by other students).


  1. Two Guys and Some iPads.

We all use various gadgets and technologies but do we really understand how noticeably they affect our lives? This blog’s authors write about all the things that are technology-related, starting from new amazing apps and ending with more serious topics, like the impact of technology on education.  


  1. College Cures.

This amazing website can help you with almost every detail of your college life, starting from party theme ideas and ending with tips for those who want to start an MBA. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn a piece of great relationship advice or simply to read about some minor lifehacks – you can easily find all of this on College Cures.  


  1. Thriving Writer.

Not all students are able to cope with massive amounts of writing assignments successfully. However, such assignments are inevitable for every student. Thriving Writer blog can help you with that, offering some tips on writing different kinds of college papers, starting from simple essays and ending with dissertations. Moreover, if this still doesn’t help, you can order a paper from their team, saving some of your precious time and nerves.


  1. BrokeMillenial.

College years are great but you shouldn’t forget about your future too (and the earlier you start planning it, the better it will be for you). This blog was started by a college graduate who found herself in a very unpleasant financial situation after she finished college. She wanted to change that and to prevent others from following in her footsteps. That’s why she offers a lot of financial lessons and budget planning advice, which are not only very useful but also fun and interesting to read. If you want to manage your finances more effectively, you should definitely check out this blog. 


  1. Fast Company.

Another useful website for students who start planning their future now. Not all college graduates actually know how to sell themselves during a job interview, no matter how good their grades are and how deep their knowledge is. You have to know-how companies and businesses work in order to make the right impression. The Fast Company website can help you with that, providing you with tips on everything, starting with economics and ending with business innovations.


  1. Hack College.

Not all of us know a lot about college life when we start college. Some learn things from someone else’s experience (for example, if they have older friends, brothers, or sisters), but not all are so lucky. However, this doesn’t mean that all that’s left for you is to sit and wait for your own experience to come – you can still learn from the others. Hack College website gives you this opportunity, providing a lot of personal stories about college life. Moreover, you can find a lot of useful tips and how-to’s there too.


  1. Spelling it out blog.

The creator of this blog is a post-graduate student who wants to share his experience with others. He writes about how it was for him to transition from full-time work to full-time studying, talks a lot about his experience, and gives many tips and practical information for those who are planning to follow his example.

As you see, these blogs can help you with every aspect of your college life, starting from dealing with home assignments and educational processes and ending with healthy lifestyle tips and décor ideas. Moreover, they allow you to find out more about what to expect from college as well as allow relating to other students. That’s why we recommend checking each of them out and then choosing the ones that seem the most appealing and useful to you.

Of course, there are so many other interesting blogs online. Some are dedicated to college fashion, some share other students’ personal experiences only.

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