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Best Universities, Schools and Colleges in United Kingdom

Best Universities Schools & Colleges in United Kingdom

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Students today have become more conscious of acquiring relevant education in accordance to their interests, however it becomes tough for them to realize which university they should get into. United Kingdom (UK) is known for providing qualitative education, but at the same time students do not really know which university or school suits them the best. Here is the list of best universities, schools and colleges in United Kingdom. Sorted list aims to provide interested students with the knowledge regarding best universities, schools and colleges in United Kingdom. Following is the list:

  1. “University of Oxford”

University of Oxford has been known for providing high-quality education in UK since centuries. University is known for offering more than 250 joint programs in regard to students’ choices and preferences. It is known for offering these programs in the field of arts, social sciences, engineering and clinical sciences.

  1. “University of Cambridge”

University of Cambridge has been providing education in the region of UK since 13th century. It currently, has approximately 31 colleges that are considered responsible for providing high-quality education in UK.

  1. “Imperial College London”

Imperial College London has been providing education in UK since 1907. It is known for providing best qualifications to all enrolled students.

  1. “University College London”

University College London has been known for enrolling students without any discrimination of colour and creed for past many decades. It is also one of the best colleges of London.

  1. “London School of Economics”

If anyone is interested in acquiring education in the fields of political sciences, philosophy, history and economics he/she should enrol in the London School of Economics.


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