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“The topic is muddling me!” Peter announced in a voice like a foghorn, “I cannot work on this anymore, I can’t understand how to do my college essay due this weekend.” Peter was dealing with the issue alone when I interrupted and declared, “Let me explain you via easy steps regarding how to craft an informative and interactive essay. These steps also taught me regarding how to do my college essay.” After that I started explaining steps to formulate an essay one by one:

  1. Brain storm and develop an appropriate mind map:

“Firstly you should brainstorm regarding the topic you have in front of you. You can gather information regarding it via internet, journals and websites. After gathering information you must make a mind map or rough points that would be discussed in the essay later on.”

  1. Come up with an interactive start:

“While wiring an essay you must start with an interesting incident or quote that explains regarding your topic in a nut shell.”

  1. Formulate your introduction:

“Explain about your topic in the introduction paragraph. Moreover, you should highlight regarding what you aim to explain in your essay.”

  1. Un wind the selected points one by one:

“Now you are advised to explain regarding the points mentioned in the mind map one by one. You must add appropriate references in a particular format too. You can make paragraphs as per the requirements of your topic.”

  1. Collect all stated under the heading of conclusion:

“After you have explained all of the points you should collect major findings and your view point under the heading of conclusion. No new thing should be added into it.”

Peter finally smiled and with relaxed expressions said, “Thank you for your help. This would for sure help me!”

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