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Best Dissertation Writing Service UK, Top essay writers help your Master's dissertation writing UKWhen it comes to formatting essays, some find it to be quite an ordeal. Well, for the sake of guidance, allow us to present to you the methods and techniques required for formatting of Essays in various formats. These directions can be elucidated as following:

  1. APA Style:

Probably the most prominent and frequently utilized of formatting styles in these times is the APA Style, or American Psychological Association style. The format can be attained through the following steps:

  1. Font: When it comes to Fonts and its usage, APA usually goes with the Times New Roman Font. As far as the size of these fonts is concerned, APA Style stipulates that size 12 be applied to its words.
  2. Spacing: For Spacing in APA Style, you need to go with the Double Space or spacing option as it’s a requirement of the format in question.

iii. Margins: In order to give your article or essay a clean and organized look, APA Recommends applying a margin of one inch on all sides.

  1. Page Numbers: This too is a quite lucid and straightforward direction. In APA style, make sure that you insert a number on the top right corner of the page. Also, insert a header that contains a short summarized version of your essay’s title in about 50 characters or less.
  2. Title: Finally in the Title page, impose the Title of the Essay, then the Author’s name. This is followed by Institutional Affiliation and if applicable, the name of the Supervisor concerned.
  3. MLA Format:

The Modern Language Association style can be induced with the following measures:

  1. Font: Go with the 12 font sized option in Times New Roman format.
  2. Spacing: As far as spacing goes, apply double spaced option coupled with indentations at the beginning of each paragraphs.

iii. Heading: Include a heading that contains the names of you and your Supervisor.

  1. Margins: Margins should be about one inch from all sides.
  2. Page Number: Here you include a header at the top left portion of the page that includes last name and page number.
  3. Title: In this style, make sure that the title is of the same font and size and is centered above the first line of the essay.


  1. Chicago Style:

The Chicago Style can be applied with the following steps:

  1. Font: The font size to be used is 12 while the type recommended ideally is Times New Roman.
  2. Spacing: Spacing should be double spaced all over.

iii. Title Page: The title page should contain the Title in regular text (If on single line but should be double spaced if longer) down at 1/3rd position on the page. In the middle, center your name and follow that by including course number, supervisor’s name and so forth at 2/3rd portion of the page.

  1. Margin: Go with the one inch from all sides’ option in this category.
  2. Page Number: The page number and last name should be included in upper top right area of each page with the exception of the title page.
  3. Footnotes: You need to incorporate footnotes into your essays when it comes to Chicago Style.

vii. Bibliography: The style of Bibliography is pretty similar to MLA style here. The required information should be gathered and then collated into a specific site for citation.

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